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PokerStars Drops Two More Pros - Julian Thew and Darus Suharto

by Omar

Earlier this week, PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room excitedly announced the addition of 15 new members of their Online Pro team for 2011. The additions were hand picked from an application pool of over 4,500 players from around the globe.  

Today, PokerStars is once again making headlines regarding their professional ranks.  This time however, it is a result of roster shrinkage that is causing the buzz.

In the past, any time the online giant cuts tied with a player, either through their own doing or the player’s choice, PokerStars doesn’t exactly go out of their way to let it be known.  There are no press conferences, press releases nor any other contact made to media outlets.  They don’t post those moves on their website nor do they even send out a brief email to any of their members.  Perhaps you can file this trend under the guise of plausible deniability or what have you, but they seem to make it unwritten corporate policy to not publicize anything that could even be seen ad a negative move.  Instead, they alert all through a quick or prolonged phasing out of the association with the person or persons in question, usually through the removal of any and all references on their website, in effect forcing the poker community to do their own sleuthing and figure it out for themselves.

This is precisely what went down this week as PokerStars has apparently cut ties with former representatives Julian Thew and Darus Suharto.  Of the two, Thew is the lesser recognizable name in the United States though career-wise, he has enjoyed sustained success over a larger body of work, Thew boasts over $2.5 million in career tournament earnings primary in Europe, specifically in the United Kingdom, in a career that began in 2001. His lack of a single World Series of Poker cash has aided in his relative obscurity. He signed with PokerStars about a year ago, leading some to speculate that he simply had a one-year contract that was not renewed.

Suharto’s name, on the other hand, resonates more in the states, due to his 6th place finish in the 2008 World Series of Poler Main Event for $2.4 million. The fact that his other live tournament winnings combined amount to less than $100K leave him just about even with Thew despite the one monstrous score.

At present time, PokerStars has yet to make any statement at all to the perceived departures of both, fresh off the heels of the termination of one of their most visible pros, Greg Raymer, just three weeks ago.

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