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PokerStars Creates High Stakes Poker Tables Named After Daniel Negreanu

by Poker Team

In the live poker world, one of the top places to play the game against the world’s premier players is Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. On any given night, you can spot some of the big heavy hitters in the game. If online poker site PokerStars has its way, the place to be for top high stakes poker site action is it’s brand new Daniel’s Room. Named for its most visible and recognizable Team PokerStars Pro, Daniel Negreanu, PokerStars is going all in that the name recognition alone as well as the high stakes nature of its tables will be enough to lure in the big money players, whom up until now, have made the Full Tilt Poker nosebleed tables their home.

Though it took a long time to step up to the plate, PokerStars finally has some of the same high stakes offerings of their chief rival. For the first time, the high rollers have a set place to go where they can tackle Negreanu and many of PokerStars most famous poker pros. Who knows? Should you prove to be a worthy adversary, Negreanu himself may even invite you to take part in a PokerStars televised event.

For starters, well-heeled players will be able to sink their teeth into no limit tables at $20/$40 ($10 ante), $50/$100 ($25 ante), $100/$200 ($50 ante). This is just the beginning as based on how it goes, Stars is likely to expand their offerings.

How to Find Daniel’s Room at PokerStars

Finding Daniel’s Room is simple. Players just need to go to the main lobby and look for with a red DR symbol. Or, at the Hold ‘em ring game filter, you can simply select “Daniel’s Room Tables.” From there, if you have the cash and the stomach for it, you can jump right in a game, or if your simply curious, you can open up a table and watch the breathtaking action.

Let’s see if Full Tilt has an answer for that.

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