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PokerStars Claims Market Share Under Reported

by Poker Team

In just over a week, the world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, will be launching its latest installment of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Although they are feverishly working to make some last minute preparations for the eagerly anticipation and popular event, they still stopped to make some corrections this week regarding what they are calling inaccuracies made by their chief competitors about how many players are playing on the site.

Namely, it is their biggest rival Full Tilt Poker who made the erroneous claim, possibly ruffled by the news that PokerStars announced that they are launching a new show on Fox similar in structure to Full Tilt’s own television venture, “Face the Ace.” In citing current popular promotions offered by both sites, combined the two online poker giants account for 58% of the total online poker market share. In fact, PokerStars is up a whopping 55% alone from last year, while the industry as a whole is up 96%.

However, PokerStars felt those numbers are inaccurate and in a released statement said,

“While PokerStars continues to serve customers in the United States - based on the legal advice we have received - when it comes to our numbers in terms of both player liquidity and revenue, the U.S. market represents substantially less than 50% of our business.”

It would seem that PokerStars chief complaint is that the reported industry market share is only accounting for US-based players while leaving out the foreign based customer base. It present time, it is a bit unclear as to why PokerStars is being so adamant in this regard.

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