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PokerRoad and Full Tilt Poker Honor Justin Shronk

by Poker Team

Fans of popular poker website were stunned earlier in the year at the sudden and untimely passing of show Producer Justin Shronk. He was the person behind all of the funny drops heard on Pokerroad’s live broadcasts and was just 26 when he passed. In honor of his memory, Full Tilt Poker, in conjunction with Shronk’s Pokerroad family, as well as his real family, held a $5+5 tournament with all of the entry fees going directly to Justin Shronk Memorial Fund at Temple University, the school which he attended prior to joining Pokerroad.

It was a very somber Joe Sebok who first reported the passing of his dear friend during an episode airing earlier in the year and still available on iTunes podcasts. It was obvious to all regular listeners that he was a key component of the team and his contributions would be missed.

“Shronk-Daddy”, as he was sometimes called by co-host, Ali Nejad, would be happy to know that 359 players signed up for this very special tournament. The Justin Shronk Memorial Fund is a scholarship which has been created in his name for students looking to major in Communications, Broadcasting and Mass Media. As Justin Shronk lost his father while a student at Temple, students facing financial strains due to the loss of a parent are considered.

The official description of the Fund on Temple’s website states:

“The recipient of the scholarship should also exemplify some of the same characteristics that Justin exhibited during his life – an absolute passion for everything media, a great wit and sense of humor, loyalty in his friendships, and someone who would take a job for less money to be able to do the work that he loved.”

In dramatic fashion, just a couple of months after his passing, Shronk’s cousin, Brian Lemke was able to win a bracelet at this year’s World Series of Poker and was one of the driving forces of establishing the scholarship. Lemke, a rising poker player recently did well at Atlantic City’s US Poker Championships and again donated more to the fund. It seems that he is now very much focused and plays his game with a real sense of purpose. He is undoubtedly a player worth rooting for.

Poker can sometimes be a heartless game, but those who really follow this community, know that it does have a very strong heart. Interestingly, Amanda Leatherman, co-worker of Shronk at Pokerroad finished second in the tournament. Not surprisingly, all of her winnings will go to the fund, named after her fallen friend.

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