and being sold on eBay

by Jeremy, which is one of the biggest poker affiliate sites in the world, is currently being auctioned off on eBay. The site’s parent company, Protos Marketing, is also auctioning off as well. News of the sales first broke on when Protos CEO Adam Small posted the following to interested buyers:

Hey everyone,

We are going to auction off and on eBay starting on June 15th. Traffic stats will be posted on eBay along with the auction. We’re not going to get into extensive discussions with anyone about either of these sites - they’re relatively small purchases in the scheme of things, and we’re just trying to get them out the door.

If you want to “buy it now” on either of these, make me an offer - feel free to PM. Otherwise see you on eBay!

As the post states, the auction started on June 15th, and is set to end on June 25th. At the time of this writing, there is 8 days and 12 hours left in the auction, and the highest bid so far is $3,950. PokerTerms’ auction is running at the same time as PND, and the highest bid so far on this site is $809. Both sites are certain to fetch more than the current bids, with PokerNewsDaily being valued at $59,998 by and getting monthly 27,396 visitors.

One of the most common misconceptions about the sale of PND is that the buyer will get all of the affiliate accounts with the purchase. However, the affiliate accounts will be left out of the deal, but the buyer will get the following:

- PokerNewsDaily domain name and all website content
- All of the information in the PND database
- The Facebook and Twitter page for PND