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Poker Tournament Skills for Cash Players

by Jeremy

To most people, poker is poker. It doesn’t matter to them whether you’re playing cash games or tournaments because the cards and rules don’t change. However, if you’ve spent the bulk of your time playing cash games, then there is actually a pretty big difference in tournaments when it comes to poker strategy. This being the case, let’s take a quick look at some essential skills that cash game players need to learn when competing in poker tournaments.

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Playing Short-Stacked - Cash games are nice because when your stack gets low, you can just buy more chips; so you always have the option to play with a full stack. However, you don’t have the same luxury in non-rebuy poker tournaments, which means you’ll be playing short-stacked a lot. And while being the short stack is never an advantage in tourneys, you do need to be good at it to survive and cash in more tournaments. One thing to keep in mind here is that, when you’re down to 10bb or less, you need to be thinking shove or fold.

Keeping ahead of Blind Levels - One thing that can help you avoid being short-stacked to begin with is watching the blind levels, and making sure to keep ahead of them. For example, if the blinds are at 100/200 and your stack is at 3,000 chips, this leaves you with 15bb. However, let’s say that the 200/400 blind level is fast-approaching; now you’ll only have 7.5bb, which is shove or fold range. So you need to be aggressive and look for opportunities to increase your stack right away.

Steal More - The increasing blinds are a constant theme in tournament poker, and as such, you need to be looking to steal more hands in late position. Now this isn’t as big of a concern early on in tourneys, but when the blinds start becoming a factor, you need to steal hands from tight players when you’re in late position. So open up your range in the cut-off and button, and be willing to raise big when the opportunity arises.

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