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Poker to enter the mobile realm

by Poker Team

The accessibility of real money, online poker games could be revolutionised, with an iPhone announcement of newfound compatibility. Courtesy of the 3G network, users will able to connect online via WiFi.

Mobile phone poker applications are not a new phenomenon, as games such as ‘Zygna’s Live Poker 40K’ offer the player the chance to pit their wits against the computer. iPhone is now providing a range of poker software and tools, such as Poker Tournament Manager, which will become a command center for your home game, organizing blind levels and victory stats. Pot odds freaks won’t feel ostracized either, with Pokercruncher (available for $4.99) mirroring Pokerstove, providing stats such as all-in percentages and player VPIP stats. It’s not just tracking tools on offer – instructional websites Stox Poker and Deuces Cracked provide video downloads. Meanwhile a range of podcasts are available, including and ESPN with Full Tilt pro and author of the ‘Little Green Poker book’ Phil Gordon.

The real carrot for high volume players is the ability to play on proper sites for real money, on the iPhone. With all the tracking software applications readily available, this seems the next, logical step. Although Cake Poker claim the 3G network and quick DSL speeds would fully support a poker client, they are reluctant to commit to development. With poker legislature in disarray in the United States (recently $30 million in player wire transfer fees were seized in New York), Cake believe Apple would forbid such an application in their store. If the release of a real money client ever does come into fruition, we’d no doubt see a whole new level of player activity.

Meanwhile Day 1A of the WSOP 2009 Main Event kicked off, with players given a 30,000 starting stack to ensure plenty of bang for buck. With so many applicants competing for the monster of all tournaments in Vegas, the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament attracted a number of famous faces and poker pros to the desert ridden state.  International rap sensation Nelly was seen gracing the green felt, as well as actors Brad Garrett, Jason Alexander and Aussie cricket star Shane Warne. Interestingly Alexander and Warne both finished in the top 35 for the day, presumably gaining from 1st class teaching by paid poker professionals.  Unfortunately for rap music lovers, it was too hot in here for Nelly, as he hit the rail. Poker enthusiasts now await the extravagant entrance of 11 times bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, who to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his 1989 Main Event win, has pledged to enter the arena dressed as Caeser, accompanied by 11 Roman guards.

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