Poker Site Leaders Losing Their Edge

by Poker Team

Most online poker players are familiar with online training sites. Sites such as CardRunners and StoxPoker offer online videos for members who pay for the content in hopes of learning from the winning ways of top online poker players.  While thousands of customers have learned a great deal from these training sites, it seems that the site’s founders have seen their win rates slashed dramatically and the poker forums are buzzing with speculation as to why this is the case.

Whatever the reason may be, the issue seems to draw a great deal of passion from the posters who seem to regard the trainers with some deal of resentment. Whereas these trainers were once renowned, now many are looking at them as being foolish and perhaps greedy for posting the secrets of their success.

Win Rate Dwindling for Top Poker Teachers

Some of the top online poker teachers include well known players such as Krantz, Taylor Caby, Eric Liu and Brian Townsend.  While these players once boasted incredible results that prompted them to start teaching, as late, none of the aforementioned players have enjoyed the success and win rate they once did.

Why Are They Losing?

This is leading many observers to believe one of several things has occurred.  Perhaps they were never as good as they thought, they were just on a fortuitous upswing and have now regressed back to normal.  Poker is a game of ebbs and flows with players winning and losing a great deal over prolonged stretches of time.  It is possible that their winning time has subsided and they are now mere mortals.  Others speculate that perhaps telling others about what made them winning players and teaching their own styles to scores of players has caused them to lose as those very players are now using that information against them.  When one thinks about it, it becomes obvious, poker is a game which players rely heavily on information about their opponents.  What better tool to use than their own videos which describe thought processes out loud.  Poker pro Daniel Negreanu has even stated on his blog that telling others about his style has been a mistake.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that most trainers are not living up to their once ballyhooed hype.  Only time will tell if this trend continues for them.  Supporters and opponents of the training sites will be monitoring this situation with a great deal of vested interest.

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