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Poker Royalty Attempts to Crack New Markets

by Poker Team

At a time when other companies are pulling back operations and working to cut costs, the US based player management company Poker Royalty is actually expanding. In yet another example of how the “poker economy” seems to operate independently of the global economy, Poker Royalty is opening an office in London.

The company was founded by Brian Balsbaugh in 2003 and touts major names under it’s banner such as Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu. Just like a talent agency represents actors, Poker Royalty does the same for poker stars. It’s been something of a cottage industry as the growth of poker on television has made many of these players household names. Being an early player in the poker player management space has obviously paid dividends as this latest move from Poker Royalty clearly indicates.

Since the Asian and European markets are next big growth sector for poker, it makes sense for Poker Royalty to tap into that market as well. Tapped to the run the European office is Jim Erwood, who comes from the FIFA soccer market where he was an agent. Balsbaugh is very confident of the opportunity in this new market, “In the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth of poker events and projects in Europe, Asia and South America”, he was quoted as saying.

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