Titan Poker Bonus Code

Titan Poker Sign Up Bonus

Use Bonus Code: ALUCK

Titan Poker Bonus Code

Titan Poker Deposit Bonus Terms

First depositor players only coming from AintLuck.com will receive a special sign up bonus of 150% up to $500.

How to Receive the Titan Poker Bonus

1. Install Titan poker on your computer using the Download link at the top of the page
2. Use bonus code “aluck”
3. Deposit X amount (minimum $20).

For example if you deposit $100 you will receive $100 x 150% = $150. You can receive up to $500!

Clearing the Titan Poker Bonus:

The first thing you should know is that once you reach 600 Points the bonus of $5 is automatically released. For every 600 Titan Points the player receives $5. For example, a player depositing $100 will receive money in $5 increments up to $150.

Secondly, the table below describes exactly how bonuses are released and how many Titan Poker Points you receive based on the rake taken per poker hand:

Rake Taken Per Hand
Points Awarded
$0.04 - $0.09 0.2
$0.10 - $0.24 0.5
$0.25 - $.50 1
$0.51 - $0.75 2
$0.76 - $1.00 2.5
$1.01 - $1.25 3
$1.26 - $1.50 3.5
$1.51 - $1.75 4.5
$1.76 - $2.00 4.75
$2.01 - $2.25 6.5
$2.26 - $2.50 7.75
$2.51 - $2.75 9
$2.76 - $3.00 10
$3.01 - $5.00 14

How the TitanPoker Bonus Works

There are 2 possibilities to earn Titan Poker Points:

1. Ring games: Titan Poker Points are earned by all players at a table in which there is a contributing hand, not only the individual player. This means a person who folds early will receive as many Titan Poker points as the player who shoves his whole stack in the middle of the table. The list above describes the specific points earned per hand earned for each player at the table.

2. Tournament play: How? very simple! For every $1 buy in fees that a player generate, Titan Poker will reward him with 17 points.

The special sign up bonus at Titan Poker is for first depositors and limited to 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Titan Poker Bonus:

1. Why does Titan Poker give away free bonus money?

- Like most of the other poker room, this is another method to attract new players and naturally to reward them for playing Titan Poker and not any other poker room.

2. Why does Titan Poker hold the bonus instead of giving it to players instantly?

- Titan Poker has to protect itself from fraud. Otherwise a player will just go after the bonus by depositing , receiving the bonus and leave. Additionally, it has been found in studies that poker players who are patient, conservative and mindful of a long term poker strategy have far better odds of succeeding in online poker.

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