Smaller Poker Sites - Winning Easy Money

Everybody knows that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker offer the biggest tournaments and cash games in online poker. And while this is great for those who want to compete for multi-million dollar prize pools, it’s not optimal for an amateur who is looking for easy poker money. Assuming that you’re still learning poker strategy and looking for an easier route to make profits, keep reading to find out why smaller online poker sites offer easy money.

Sharks follow the Money

The only problem with multi-million dollar tournaments and high stakes cash games is that this is where the sharks will be. After all, sharks are experienced poker players who are looking for the biggest scores - not to grind it out in $5 and $10 sit and go’s.

If you haven’t spent countless hours on poker forums, read some poker books, and spent months playing online poker, chances are that you’re not ready to make any serous money at the biggest sites. And if you think that it’s safe to hang out in $1 SNG’s or the $0.25/$0.50 cash game limits until you’re a better player, think again because the competition will still be better than what’s seen at small sites.

The Fish are at Smaller Online Poker Sites

Smaller poker sites not only draw a lot of fish because the tournaments and cash game limits aren’t as big, but also because there is less player traffic. The good players don’t want to wait for games, so they’re not going to sign up at a smaller room where there could potentially be empty tables at non-peak hours.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck waiting for tables to fill up because there are going to be full tables during peak hours; you just need to be patient during the non-peak hours. Aside from all of this, you’ll actually have a chance when it comes to leaderboard races and prize packages at the smaller sites because there aren’t 20,000 other players competing for the same prize.

Some of the best small poker sites to sign up at include Carbon Poker, Cake Poker, and SportsBook Poker. These online poker rooms also have casinos, which means that a lot of non-poker-playing gamblers will be at the tables as well. So get out there and start playing some of those smaller online poker sites.