Poker Sites with Sponsorship Deals

One of the most prestigious honors in all of poker is being signed and sponsored by online poker sites. Those with sponsorship deals get paid to promote a particular poker site in live tournaments, and their face is used to advertise the site’s brand. Of course, the average online poker player has no shot at landing a sponsorship deal….or do they? Let’s take a look and find out how to become a sponsored player at an online poker site:

Sponsorship Promotions

It may come as a surprise to you, but some poker rooms actually run promotions where they offer a sponsorship deal to players. Sometimes the promotions require players to win a single online tournament, while other promotions are more complicated and require a lot more work.

UB Poker is one of the most notable sites that runs promos where players can earn a sponsorship deal. UB has an offer around WSOP time that enables Main Event prize package winners to further increase their riches and chances for a sponsorship deal based on how they perform on poker’s biggest stage. Any UB player who manages to win the Main Event will earn a $1 million sponsorship!

Watch for Promotions

If you want to be a big-time poker player with a sponsorship deal, and you don’t have millions of dollars in live tournament cashes, your best bet is to sign up at sites like UB Poker and Absolute Poker so you can watch their promotional offers. These poker sites are willing to add players via sponsorship promotions assuming they complete the requirements set forth.

Poker Sponsorship Through Poker Tournaments

Aside from trying to get sponsored by winning a big promo, the next best thing you can do is play in as many big online tournaments as you can. Players who can string together several victories in big online tourneys have the potential to be noticed by an online poker room, and hopefully signed afterward. So just keep playing and watch for those sponsorship promotions along the way.

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