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Free Mac Download for Sportsbook Poker Download

While SportsBook’s initial claim to fame was their casino and sports betting operation (hence the name), their poker room has grown into one of the better poker sites in the industry. Even still, SportsBook isn’t exactly the most Mac-friendly poker site; however, that’s not to say that you can’t play SportsBook Poker on a Mac. So if you’re still interested in playing at SportsBook Poker, here is how to do it.

Playing SportsBook Poker on a Mac

If you want to make SportsBook Poker Mac compatible, then you’ve got to download a Windows emulator program. Windows emulators enable players to use Microsoft Windows on their Mac, which isn’t exactly the easiest route to go when playing poker. Assuming you still want to go through with playing SportsBook Poker, a good Windows emulator to download is a program called “Wine.” Once you’ve downloaded Wine, you can configure it and start playing at SportsBook.

Advantages/Drawbacks to SportsBook Poker on a Mac

The biggest advantage to going through the hassle of downloading Wine for SportsBook Poker is that Mac users get all of the same options that Windows users get. After all, you’ll be able to download the SportsBook software with Wine, so you won’t miss out on any of the benefits that other players get.

The main drawback to using SporsBook on a Mac is that the emulator can slow down the games sometimes. This means that you’ll be dealing with glitches and slow play at some point on the emulator. Plus you won’t be able to use an instant play option with your Mac since it isn’t available at SportsBook. This being said, most players would prefer the actual software download so they can get the same benefits as Windows users do.

SportsBook Poker Mac Bonuses

One of the advantages not mentioned above is that SportsBook Poker offers a large deposit bonus of 100% up to $650 assuming you use the referral code. In addition to the big deposit bonus, you’ll also receive a ticket for a $500 freeroll upon signing up at SportsBook. One more perk to playing at SportsBook is their VIP Program, which offers lots of extra rewards!

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