Low Rake Poker Sites

Poker sites don’t run hundreds of tournaments and cash games every day for free. Instead, they take rake from cash game pots and poker tournament buy-ins so that they can earn profits. And while this is understandable, you still want to look for the poker sites that charge the least amount of rake. After all, less rake means bigger profits for you over the long-term, and here are some of the poker rooms that offer low rake.

Full Tilt Poker

Much like Carbon, Full Tilt Poker is really good when it comes to tournament rake - especially in the high stakes multi-table tournament department. Some of Full Tilt’s high stakes tournaments only take 5% in rake, while many of their low limit MTT’s charge just 6-8% in rake. And seeing as how Full Tilt runs such a huge selection of tournaments every day, this definitely makes them one of the top low rake poker sites out there.

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is really good in the rake department when it comes to their tournaments. In fact, many of Carbon Poker’s tournaments only take 8% of the buy-in for rake. When you consider that most poker sites charge 10% rake on tournaments, or even 20% rake at the lowest limits, Carbon offers some of the lowest rake out of any site.

UB Poker and Absolute Poker

Both of the CEREUS Network sites in UB Poker and Absolute Poker offer really low rake in cash games. At the lowest limits, both sites take a standard 5% of the pot; however, the mid-to-high stakes cash games are where UB and Absolute really differentiate themselves from the crowd since they only take 2-3% in many cases. If you play $25/$50 cash games and up, you should strongly consider either Absolute or UB.


PokerStars is perfect for micro stakes cash game players because the maximum rake taken is never higher than the big blind in $0.01/$0.02 to $0.05/$0.10 games. In addition to this, the maximum rake for higher limits is $3, which isn’t much at all for high stakes players.