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Full Tilt Poker - Mac Download

Free Mac Download for Full Tilt Poker Download

With thousands of regular cash game players and plenty of multi-million dollar tournaments, Full Tilt Poker has become the world’s second largest poker room behind PokerStars. Besides being right up there with PokerStars in terms of player traffic, Full Tilt also has another thing in common with PokerStars – it’s mac compatible. If you are somebody who plays poker on a mac, you should definitely consider Full Tilt Poker when choosing a poker site.

Full Tilt Poker on a Mac

Full Tilt Poker doesn’t offer a no download option so players have to download mac-specific software to their hard drive; this differs from a lot of other mac compatible poker rooms that offer no download options. Fortunately, the mac download is really easy since players just need to start the Full Tilt download as usual, and the software automatically recognizes that you’re on a mac. When downloading Full Tilt, make sure to use the referral code (PHG119) so that you get the full mac deposit bonus of 100% up to $600.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Full Tilt Mac Poker Software

Full Tilt is really somewhat of an innovator in the mac poker department since they were the first major poker room to design mac software. And their mac poker software is just as good as the PC software because mac players get all of the features offered to PC users. This means that mac poker players can multi-table, use lots of software options and even re-size tables. Contrast this to no download mac poker sites where you won’t have near as many software options.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage to downloading the software is that more space is taken up on your hard drive. In addition to this, you’ll have to download software updates just like PC users. Of course, the bounty of options certainly makes up for the few drawbacks to downloading Full Tilt Poker’s mac software.

Full Tilt Mac Poker Bonuses

Besides offering all of the same software options that PC players have, Full Tilt Poker offers mac online poker players the same bonuses too such as the aforementioned 100% up to $600 deposit bonus. There are also plenty of huge online poker tournaments like the $750,000 Sunday tourney and the multi-million dollar FTOPS event. Be sure to check out Full Tilt Poker on your mac and see all of the other great bonuses they offer.

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