Bodog Poker Bonus Code

$550 Bonus

Use Bodog Referral Code: PHG119

Bodog Poker Bonus Code

Bodog Poker Deposit Bonus Terms:

The Bodog bonus is a 10% instant cash bonus + 100% bonus up to $550 total bonus money free. This means that when you use the Bodog referral code “ALUCK” they will provide you with an instant 10% cash bonus plus an extra 100% of your first deposit for free, up to a total amount of $550.

For example, if you were to deposit $150 at using the referral code you would receive an instant $15 bonus and a $150 bonus that would have to be cleared. This is the best Bodog Poker Bonus available.

Clearing the Bodog Poker Bonus

The 10% instant bonus has no clearing rules and will be awarded upon your deposit, but like all poker bonuses the 100% match bonus has some minor clearing rules. In order for you to receive your bonus at Bodog you must collect a certain amount of ‘poker points’. Poker points are awarded through real money play at cash tables and through tournament play. Players must collect 10 poker points for every $1 in bonus dollars until the amount is met. Using the above example of a $150 bonus, you would have to receive 1500 poker points ($150 x 10) in order for your bonus cash to be released into your players account.

How the Bodog Bonus Works

For an overview of all the details on the Bodog bonus I will give you an example:

A player signs up for Bodog using the referral code and decides to make a real money deposit of $100 for their first time. Bodog will give the player a $10 bonus ($100 x 10%) upfront. This bonus will be added to the player’s initial deposit of $100 instantly. Bodog will then hold another $100 ($100 x 100%) in bonus money until the clearing requirements are met. The player must receive 1000 poker points ($100 x 10) in order for the other $100 bonus to be released in to their account for use.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bodog Bonus Code:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does Bodog Poker give away free money?

- Like many sites gives away free money to attract players and reward the players that choose their site.

2. How do I earn Bodog “poker points”?

- Bodog poker points are earned through real money play at both cash tables and tournament play. Players will earn up to 1 point per raked pot at cash tables and 3 poker points per dollar in tournament fees.

3. Why does Bodog hold the bonus instead of giving it to players instantly?

- Holding the bonus until it is cleared is done to prevent fraud. Many players would deposit their money, receive their bonus and then take off earning themselves up to $550 very easily.

Remember that the Bodog bonus is only valid for your first real money deposit and you must use the Bodog Poker referral code listed above. Good Luck at the tables.