Best Online Poker Room

How to choose the Best Poker Sites

Doyle's RoomDoyle's Room$1100PHG119
Bodog PokerBodog Poker$550PHG119
Cake PokerCake Poker$500PHG119
Carbon PokerCarbon Poker$600PHG119
Sportsbook PokerSportsboook Poker$650PHG119

In today’s online poker landscape, there are several different things to think about when you are choosing the best poker room online. There are so many options and features that a room could have. One of the most attractive features that most rooms will offer is a lucrative sign up deposit bonus. While this could be important, it should never be your main reason for picking an online poker site. You have to be very picky and really take advantage of the choices that you have. Every room will fit different players in their own ways and the best poker room is not always the one with the biggest bonuses. The top poker rooms will have many more features than just a big bonus.

Research the Poker Rooms

The first thing you should do when you are looking into choosing an online poker room is research. Read up on some reviews and look into the software. The software should determine your decision more than anything. All of the poker rooms have different things to offer that satisfy different people. You should know what you are looking for and then go find it. You may find several poker rooms that look good to you, but there are so many out there, that narrowing it down is a good first step. We have made that easy for you by providing you our list of best online poker sites at the top of this page.

Top Poker Software

The software is what runs the poker room and controls the features. The speed of game play, the navigation, the lobby options, multi-tabling, statistics and much more, all have everything to do with the software. Those are the things you need to look at, because different features at the poker sites are going to be helpful for different players.

For example, if you want to play on many different tables at the same time (Multi-Tabling), you have to be sure that the software supports that. If a poker room does not support multi-table play, you are wasting your time signing up with that specific room. They may be offering a one million dollar deposit bonus, but what good is that if you cannot play your game? You will be much better off going to a room with no deposit bonus that supports multi-table play. The same thing goes with any feature that you specifically look for.

Create a list of the features you like or do not like about various online poker softwares and then check to see which online poker rooms give you what you are looking for.

Testing an Online Poker Room

The best thing about online poker and the online poker sites, is the ease of testing. You can download fifty different online poker rooms and test all of them out with free money if you wanted to. While that may not be too practical, it would be smart to narrow it down to your top 10 or so rooms and practice on all of them. All you need is 30 minutes to play around and learn the software.

From there, you will have no problem narrowing it down to just a few rooms, maybe even one or two. Even if you come up with three or four rooms that you cannot choose from, you can always play in all of them. It is never a bad idea to play in more than one poker room. You will earn more deposits bonuses and get to feel out the competition on all of the different rooms. A couple months of testing out just a few real money rooms and you will have your favorite in no time.

Best Online Poker Room

Poker Room Traffic

Another extremely important thing to think about is the amount of traffic that a poker room gets. In other words, the number of players playing at that poker room during a given time.

If you are going to play in a poker room you definitely need traffic. Without a high volume of traffic, you will have issues trying to get into the game of your choice. Generally, the more traffic a room has; the better. Why? There will be more games that fit your needs and more inexperienced players that you can earn from. As you get better at online poker, you will learn how to take advantage of bad online poker players, so ultimately you earn more money online.

Best Poker Sites for You

In the end the best online poker room is the room where you feel the most comfortable. You must define your goals and strategies going into the testing phase. Some players are looking for online poker sites that provide the ability to play at 10 tables at once while others are just looking for a nice poker deposit bonus so they can try their hand at the competition. Or perhaps you’re looking for the best cash games online. Just because everyone is talking about a certain poker room as the best online poker room, doesn’t mean that it is. In the end, only you can choose the best online poker sites for your poker play. More online poker reviews and best poker bonuses.