Best Poker Sites for Bad Beat Jackpots

Bad beats are one of the most frustrating parts of online poker because they involve your seemingly superior hand getting beat by a weak hand that should have folded early on.

However, bad beats can also bring you lots of joy if you’re playing for a huge bad beat jackpot! These jackpots give players the chance to play for a huge sum of money, provided they lose with a qualifying hand of at least four 7’s (four 8’s at some rooms) . In some cases, the bad beat jackpots can be worth as much as $1 million! Obviously playing for this kind of money is extremely exciting, so let’s take a deeper look at how you can go for a huge bad beat jackpot.

Best Poker Sites for Bad Beat Jackpots

It’s obviously a lot more fun to play for a $500k bad beat jackpot over a $50k jackpot, so it’s important that you know what sites offer the best jackpots. UB Poker and Absolute Poker (CEREUS Network) are the best sites for bad beat jackpots because they offer the biggest prizes and most favorable payout rates. Carbon Poker is also a good site to play at because their jackpots are fairly large, and they have good payout percentages too.

Bad Beat Jackpot Basics

The first thing you need to do when playing for a bad beat jackpot is play at the appropriate table. Poker rooms that offer these jackpots designate special tables where you have a chance at winning. So don’t think that having your four queens cracked by four aces at just any table is going to unleash the jackpot.

Another important thing to remember is that bad beat jackpots make payouts to several or more players in the hand. For example, if a bad beat jackpot is worth $1 million, the losing hand might get 35%, the winning hand would get 17.5%, and the rest of the table would get 17.5%; the other 30% of the jackpot would go towards funding the next jackpot. This is something you need to realize going in so that you’re not disappointed when you don’t get the entire $1 million jackpot. Of course, receiving 35% of $1 million certainly isn’t a bad deal!