Where is Poker Road Radio?

by Jeremy Olson on July 9, 2011

Over the past several years, Poker Road Radio has become one of the premier poker radio shows in the business. However, lately people have been noticing a major lack of podcasts from the show that’s run by Barry Greenstein and Joe Sebok. The absence of podcasts has led some people to speculate that the show may be “dead.”

Posters on the TwoPlusTwo forums have been very active on this subject, with “corporalburgundy” leading off the thread by writing:

Nothing from this year’s WSOP yet. I didn’t expect Sebok to be on the show, but I was at least expecting some action from Gobboboy and the rest of the B-Team.

Some people even took an opportunity to connect Joe Sebok’s involvement with UB to Poker Road’s lack of podcasts. Here are a couple of posts that specifically mention Sebok:

“LongTimeGrind” Sebok shoved all in with his integrity and PRR drawing dead. He got what he deserved.

“SleepyLaBeef” I have to say, I’m pretty surprised at Sebok’s silence after being released from UB. Is he just sad that the forum trolls all hate him? If you’re gonna be that thin-skinned, I think you’re in the wrong industry. He’s obviously someone who generates strong feelings, good or bad, which means he’s a voice people want to hear from.

Like many of us, I lost a ton of respect for Sebok when he joined UB, and lost even more when he didn’t do what he said he would. Nonetheless, I would like to hear his first hand accounts of his experiences with UB, as well as the future of Poker Road, which was a positive force for poker for several years. Wake up, Joey!

One hopeful thought on the Poker Road Radio issue comes from “Stone_Palace,” who believes that the show could come back strong if poker is legalized in the US. He posted this:

I would say more like “hibernating”. Both sites’ owners have enough of a track record to see they won’t have a shot at turning a profit as long as online poker is not available to US residents. If online poker does become FULLY legitimized (with the deep pockedted Caesars and MGM coming into the fold), I believe these sites will become profitable fast.

That’s why you wont see a “Thanks, but we’re shutting down” type post from either site, and there will probably be some occasional content on both too — just biding their time for now in case online comes back to the States.

With PokerRoad BarryG took a high risk gamble with a high risk payoff. It hasn’t paid off yet, likely won’t, but he still has some outs…same with Phil Galfond and his partner(s) re: PokerStatic…they’re just employing a small bit of their bankroll on what was perceived to be a juicy poker game with different rules.