Poker Pro Shaun Deeb Faces Possible Ban

by Poker Team

In poker circle’s, the big debate remains whether or not a “Ladies Only” event should be a sanctioned WSOP bracelet event. Today, the debate on the same topic has a slightly different form. It’s whether or not online poker pro Shaun Deeb is a man with a warped sense of humor, or if he is simply a total jerk. It is being reported that prior to the World Series of Poker, Deeb lost an odd prop bet. By losing, he agreed to enter this year’s Ladies Event dressed as a woman, complete with makeup. He was joined by several other males who allegedly felt that men should not be excluded from a bracelet event. The men were angle shooting a rule of Harrah’s that states that there would be no exclusionary policy at events at the casino.

The stunt has been the talk of the entire World Series, upstaging many other stories and has drawn strong opinions on both sides. Some players such as Allyn Shulman were not remotely amused by Deeb and company’s antics while other found it downright offensive. On the other hand, other players had no issue with it, including WPT winner Liv Boeree, who actually helped get Deeb disguised for the event.

At the first break, apparently feeling some heat, Deeb departed and returned dressed as a man, but he continued to play on. The crowd, very aware of the male intruders, burst into applause with each male eliminated from the competition. Undoubtedly, a male winning the Ladies Event would be an embarrassment to the game.

Now, though he has long been eliminated from the event, it may not be over as far as Deeb is concerned. Even though he released a video prior to entering, pledging all potential winnings to charity, he has come under fire from WSOP officials who are mulling over whether some type of suspension could be in order.

It seems his appearance was not seen as funny by all.