UK Poker Pro Darren Woods facing Online Poker Fraud Charges

by Jeremy Olson on October 19, 2014

Just three years ago, Darren Woods was a respected poker pro coming off a victory in a 2011 WSOP $2,500 Six-Max NL Hold’em tournament ($213,431). Now he’s facing criminal charges dealing with online poker fraud.

The 29-year-old rounder was in Sheffield Crown Court this past week after being accused of committing 12 acts of online poker fraud from 2007 to 2012. Morteza Gharoon, Woods’ father, is said to have aided in four of the occasions. However, Gharoon claims that he didn’t realize he was aiding his son’s poker cheating habits.

Playing under the name ‘Dooshcom,’ Woods is accused of colluding with ‘Benkaremail’ to cheat high stakes poker players out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in limit hold’em games. Those who felt they were cheated started a thread on TwoPlusTwo, where they discussed the incidents and posted hand histories., where Woods coached, fired him, while 888poker, his sponsor, froze the WSOP champ’s funds and passed information on to the police.

In the two years since all of this happened, prosecutors had been reviewing the evidence and have finally charged Woods. Based on all of the information that’s been discussed so far, Woods is said to have opened multiple accounts and played at the same tables with these accounts. This is multi-accounting to the extreme because Woods would have gained a huge advantage by knowing multiple hands at the same table.

Another problem with this case is that Woods is believed to have used other people’s identities to claim £147,266 in 888 affiliate commissions for himself. This affiliate commission scam is related to the multiple names that he played on, which itself is already against 888′s rules - let alone collecting affiliate commissions through multi-accounting.