Poker Pro Brian Townsend Loses Half a Million in Single Session

by Poker Team

With his month long suspension imposed by Full Tilt Poker in his rear-view mirror, sponsored pro Brian Townsend may be wishing the suspension had lasted longer. This is because the embattled and highly criticized Townsend suffered over a half million dollars during a single session. Townsend decided to step out of his comfort zone and ignored the nosebleed Pot Limit Omaha games that were going on as he opened up some high stakes mixed 7-game poker.

When the dust had settled, Townsend had lost a whopping $581,674, probably drawing some applause from some online observers who have been taking shots at him ever since the situation between himself and Isildur1 which earned him the month long ban from his home site. Interestingly, Townsend’s friend, Cole South, who had been riding quite a hot streak to start 2010, had a brutal day as well, losing over 300,000.

Townsend’s losses were someone else’s gain as there were several big winners for the day’s sessions. The biggest winners included David Oppenheim and Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Patrik Antonius booked a $300K profit for the day, bringing him closer to the break even point for the year, though he remains over a quarter million in the red.

The obvious question seems to be whether or not the time away from the tables had an adverse effect on Townsend. Should he not turn it around quickly, he could find himself wishing he was still not allowed to play.

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