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Poker Pro survives Axe Attack

by Jeremy

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen quite a few poker pros become victims of a robbery. With all of the money that these pros take from city to city, it makes them popular targets for thugs. However, we have yet to see any poker players evading crazy, axe-wielding maniacs. But that’s exactly what Howard Plant was dealing with this weekend.

The whole debacle started when Plant and Martin Cawley were arguing over an old refrigerator. Apparently, the poker grinder was not in the mood to haggle with Cawley over the fridge and told him to leave. However, Cawley has nine kids, works seven days a week, and wasn’t about to leave while feeling that he’d been ripped off.

So the 44-year-old threatened Plant by saying, “I’ll do you in!” At this point, Plant took a photo of Cawley’s license plate just in case anything happened; unfortunately this only further agitated the man as he drove off to retrieve an axe. When he returned, Plant feared for his life with the deranged father making threatening gestures with the axe.

Luckily, Cawley drove off and gave Plant an opportunity to call the police. The police eventually arrested Cawley, and he was later sentenced to 12 weeks in jail, 100 hours of unpaid labor and 12 months of probation.

Moving the the subject of Howard Plant’s poker career, he’s managed to collect $266,119 in live poker tournament winnings. The Blackpool native made his first tourney cash in 1999, and his biggest score is a $30,523 payout in a Poker Million 2000 event (Isle of Man). Fortunately, he’ll be able to continue playing in future poker tournaments since Cawley wasn’t crazy enough to come at him with the axe.

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