Poker Players Unite to Provide Relief to Haiti

January 15, 2010

There are things in this world that just can not be explained…things that transcend everything else and bring people from all over the world to work towards a greater good. The sad developments that are currently occurring in Haiti has brought a sense of awareness to what is truly important and the poker community has united to work towards providing some type of relief to the poverty stricken nation.

As we all know, 3 days ago, the country was hit with a massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake that has decimated the capital city and turned most structures there into piles of rubble. Early estimates have the death toll at a half million lost souls and survivors are working around the clock in an attempt to save others who are still trapped and believed to be alive. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, meaning that medical supplies, food and water are scarce, making it even more difficult for the survivors to go on.

Full Tilt Aid to Haiti Tournaments

It is for the reasons above that the poker community has banded together in an attempt to pool as much money as possible to send to the Caribbean nation. Full Tilt Poker has created “Aid for Haiti” tournaments in which they will match the rake amount accrued and donate it to charities helping Haiti out directly. In addition, they also have tournament like entries on the site in which all proceeds entered will fo to the earthquake relief funds and no poker will be played.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the tiny nation of Haiti left the country in shambles and perhaps as many as 50,000 people may have perished. In response, the online poker world has come together to raise money for the natural disaster’s victims. Lastly, players can also transfer funds from their accounts to a “user” named “Aid for Haiti” in which all of the funds will go directly to relief efforts.

PokerStars Haiti Fund

PokerStars is also doing its part, and has chosen to send all proceeds for relief directly to Red Cross and is using a dollar for dollar match to raise money. Much like the Full Tilt “no play” tournaments, players can donate money in different amounts through the tournament screen. Players may also do inter account transfers to “Haiti Fund” with all money going to the Red Cross

Some individual players have opted to donate a percentage of their winnings to relief causes as well. All members of the online poker community are encouraged to do all they can to help this country during their time of need.


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