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Poker Players Prefer Obama over McCain

by Poker Team

In a recent survey of 1,639 US poker players conducted by, it was revealed that the group overwhelmingly intend to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama two to one over the Republican candidate, John McCain.  1,043 of the poker playing respondents said they plan to vote for Obama versus 596 for McCain. A larger number (1,167) believed that the Obama/Biden ticket was stronger than the McCain/Palin (499) ticket.

Both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are known poker players.  It has long been known that a good poker player is associated with business and political success.

“Poker players are astute observers who take calculated risks under time pressure. The best poker players size up their opponents quickly and calculate the best way to press their advantage. These results are a good indicator of how Americans are processing and reacting to two weeks of orchestrated political theater,” observed Daniel Flamberg, Chief Marketing Officer for

The survey also revealed that the economy, Iraq and vision are important factors though race is not.  737 respondents felt that race would influence the results while 915 did not agree, feeling that race was not a factor in the election.  The top three deciding campaign issues for voters were the economy (602), the presidential candidate’s vision for America (379) and the war in Iraq (348).  The players believed that blacks (541) and women (575) will be the two most crucial voter segments in the upcoming election.

“These results are interesting for three reasons. First, they are a gut check for the new presidential slates as we begin the home stretch run. Next, the middle class male voters are going to play an important role in every swing state. And finally, poker players are particularly good at quickly zeroing-in on a winner,” Mr. Flamberg said.

The survey was open to respondents in the US from September 2 to 4, 2008.  They represented 32 states with 87 percent being men 18-54 and the average income being $77,000.  The average participant is a college graduate who plays online poker at least two times a week.

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