Poker Player sold £1m worth of Steroids

by Jeremy Olson on December 22, 2015

A British poker player has been arrested after running a steroid operation that netted him more than £1 million. David Michael Jenkins, a former roofer and poker player, recently went through court proceedings and heard his fate in a Liverpool-area courtroom.

After overseeing the case, Judge Niclas Parry determined that Jenkins made £1,012,767 from selling steroids over a period of several years. The young man was sentenced to three years in jail for his crimes and pay back £101,862 from the steroid profits within three months, or else he’ll have to do another two years in prison.

In order to repay the hefty amount, Jenkins needs to sell his home. And he expressed some worry about being able to sell the house within three months. But Judge Parry said that Jenkins would be advised on what to do and the deadline could be extended if the property doesn’t sell.

Other assets seized from the defendant include an Audi A3, cash, poker chips from casinos in Liverpool and New Brighton, and a half-share in another home. His stash of anabolic steroids was also taken and destroyed by police.

As mentioned before, Jenkins was a roofer, but he got fired from this job after a drunk-driving incident. He then began playing poker and dealing steroids to make ends meet. Jenkins tried to say that his small fortune came entirely from poker. However, the prosecution was able to successfully argue that he’d lost a substantial amount of money through poker.

Jenkins dealt steroids from January 2009 to September 2012 and would ship the anabolic drugs anywhere in the world. Skype conversations revealed that he hoped to make between £40,000 and £50,000 a month with the operation. In three and a half years, he managed to net the aforementioned £1 million in earnings.