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Poker Player “Senecady” Wins 40 Billionth Hand Promo at PokerStars

by Poker Team

As was previously reported last week, PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site was in the midst of a historic achievement. Realizing the significance of becoming the first online poker site to deal 40 billion hands, they launched a 40 billion promotion, seeking to gain interest in their latest achievement. After much fanfare and anticipation throughout the poker world, the historic hand was dealt this weekend and everyone seated at that particular table benefited from being at the right place at the right time.

As the drama built and tons of people were hoping to catch lightning in a bottle, the big hand was finally dealt at a $2/$4 No Limit Hold em table. When the euphoric moment had subsided, a player named Senecady was the big beneficiary, as he was awarded the special $24,000 prize. As per the terms of the promotion, each player seated at the table received $400 for each VIP Player Point he or she earned in the previous 40 hands leading up to the 40 billionth. In addition, the winning player would also get their payout doubled.

In the big hand, Senecady held K-10 offsuit. The pot eventually was worth $401 and the final board read 7-Q-7-10-7, giving him a full house. All of the action happened preflop as three players got all their money in. The winning hand beat two players holding K-J and K-5 respectively.

Everyone at the table got a nice piece of change for their lucky moment. Here were the payouts:

Senecady - $24,000.00
thecooler992 - $15,590.20
zawaaa - $15,590.20
jeckjeck - $12,400.80
13_Xerxes_13 - $1,500.00
Joe Hahn - $1,500.00

Although the big individual prize is now complete, the promotion was not over yet. Yesterday’s Sunday Million boasted of a $4 million guaranteed prize pool, giving players more than enough reason to stick around.

It should be exciting to see what the site has in store for the 50 billionth hand which is sure to be even bigger than this one.

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