Poker Scoundrel Brad Booth seen on Sin City Rules

by Jeremy Olson on December 9, 2012

Few poker players have fallen as far from grace as Brad Booth. He’s gone from playing with the best grinders in the world to owing fellow players a combined $1 million - yet never paying back his loans. Based on all of his infamy, it’s unlikely that anybody will be happy with the fact that Booth was recently seen on the new TLC show “Sin City Rules.

This is a reality show that centers on five of Las Vegas’ most high-powered women. And since two-time WSOP champion Jennifer Harman is on the program, there’s a fair amount of poker talk involved. That said, Harman was shown going to the Red Rock Casino to play some high stakes poker. Other famous pros such as Eli Elezra, Mike Matusow and Booth were shown at her table. As for Booth, they flashed a title under his name that simply read “Professional Poker Player.”

With Booth spotted grinding on a mainstream television show, it’s likely that anybody who knows about the unpaid loans situation isn’t too happy. Now some might say that “Yukon Brad” is just trying to win some money so maybe he can pay players back, but others would suggest that he’s always going to dodge the loans. In either case, it’s sad to see what Booth has become - especially since he was cheated out of millions of dollars in the UB Poker superuser scandal himself.

As for his poker career, Booth first rose to fame in the mid-2000′s after pulling together a fairly large bankroll through live and online poker cash games. Eventually, be made several appearances on TV shows like “High Stakes Poker” and “Poker After Dark.” However, the aforementioned superuser scandal put a major dent in his bankroll and Booth began spiraling downward after this.