Winning at Online Poker

3 Reasons People Lose Money in Online Poker:

Playing online poker is easy right?  All one has to do is pick a site that appeals to them, download the software, make a deposit, sit down at the tables and watch the live fish give you their chips.  It’s that simple right?  For those of you who have already played online, this may come as no surprise to you.  Winning at online online is not easy, in fact, most people lose online because they are lacking in some basic fundamentals. I’m not talking about hand strengths and the basics of betting.  I am referring to several things that the every online player does not take into account and thus loses too much money.  Today, we will delve into some of those.

Generally speaking, there are three glaring reasons why most players lose money playing online poker.  Today, we will delve into all of them.

Reason #1: Not Picking The Right Game Type

Back when most players I know were starting out, they would sit down at the first available open seat and begin playing.  It wasn’t until later that there exists a correct game type for a player’s unique style.  In addition to recognizing this, a player needs to be able to adapt to each type of game entered.  By game type, I refer to the many variations of ring games and tournaments that are offered by each site. Some of the variations are shorthanded, turbo tournaments, heads-up matches, and more.  It is vital that a player does not try to use the same poker strategy for each.

For example, a tight-aggressive method works great for 10-player Sit and Go’s or Multi-table, but using it in a 4-handed ring game will lead you to go down in flames.  Depending on the game, every tactic and technique around starting hands, positioning, and betting is quite different  For example, in some games, bluffing is quite effective, but in others, bluffing is almost always a big mistake.

Reason #2: Choosing The Wrong Stakes

This is fairly straightforward as most players should know to play comfortably within their means.   Most rational players understand that they shouldn’t play a game that’s too “high stakes” for them but many play in them fail to avoid them and adjust their games accordingly.

To illustrate, let’s use baseball as an example.  Your strategy in a game with a bunch of 14-year olds would certainly be a lot different than if you were playing against the New York Yankees.  Obviously you’d have to adjust your hitting approach, since you’d be facing a more skilled pitcher. Conversely, you’d have to adjust your defense and pitching because their hitters are so much better.

Now let’s relate this back to poker.  In low-stakes games, you can get away with certain things that you just can’t get away with in high-stakes games. You may be able to time all your bluffs when you’re on the button in a low-stakes game, because not everyone is aware of your positioning or they aren’t actively trying to put you on a specific range.  They see their cards, they read the board and that’s it.  Your basic strategy must be different at different stakes. At some stakes, you’ll be able to “play around” more with special traps, feeler bets, and bluffs while at other stakes, these tactics aren’t as likely to work as your opponents can sniff them out.

Reason #3: Not Playing At The Right Online Poker Room

The third crucial mistake is thinking that every online poker site is the same.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Players are different at every online poker room.  Some have sportsbooks where the casual player may venture into the poker software.  Others on the other hand are geared to the more serious player.  These differences can have a dramatic impact on how the games are played.  At the first place, you are surrounded by fish, at the other, you are the fish. This means you might consistently lose at $10 Sit and Go’s at one card room while winning all the time at another. You may be losing at online poker right now and the problem may not be your skill level.  It may be that you’re simply playing in the wrong places or the wrong sites. You should find out the best places for you to make money.  All it takes is a little experimentation.