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What are Online Poker Transfers?

People who play poker on many different poker sites have issues moving funds on and off of sites within a timely fashion. This goes for US poker players in general, but there are many players in other countries with this dilemma as well. If you are an online poker player and looking to transfer your poker money from one poker site to another, Poker Transfers are exactly what you are looking for.

Online Poker Transfers

Simply explained, a poker money transfer helps move your poker funds from one poker account to another in a timely fashion. Usually, there is just a small fee that the poker transferrer (or poker escrow service) takes to initiate the transfer of funds.

Where can you transfer poker funds between?

Players can transfer funds or poker chips between poker sites like Full Tilt, PokerStars, Party Poker, Cake Poker, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate Bet. Even if your preferred poker site is not listed, there is a service out there that can handle it.

In addition to poker rooms, poker money can be transferred between E-wallets like PayPal and Moneybookers.

How do Online Poker Transfers Work?

Send My ChipsLet’s give an example of how a cash transfer for online poker works:

Player ‘Bob’ has his whole Bankroll on Fulltilt Poker. ‘Bob’ wants to play the Sunday Million tournament on PokerStars but it starts in 1 hour. ‘Bob’ will not make it because by the time Full Tilt Poker processes his withdrawl to Moneybookers the Sunday Million tournament would have passed.

<-----Poker Transferrers (escrow service) like SendMyChips can help with this situation.

Bob simply signs up to one of the Poker Transferrers message boards, and posts in the ‘Fulltilt forum’ that he has $215 Fulltilt and wants $215 on Pokerstars.

Someone comes along as has $215 on Pokerstars and wants Fulltilt. They than both agree in Bob’s original thread, and than they both Escrow the money. For 5% the poker escrow service will safely and securely move the funds to both players account. 2.5% charged to each poker player.

Why use a Poker Transfer Service?

1. Security of funds: This way players do not have to fear being scammed by sending first to an unknown person and the unknown vanishing with their cash. Poker Transfer services have safely and securely traded thousands of poker transactions.

2. An escrow service can move funds quicker than cashing out of a poker site to a said Moneybookers account (or any other account) and than depositing on another poker site.

Recommended Poker Transfer Service

Our recommended dedicated Poker Transfer service is hands down:

This transfer site allows Poker Transfers to be done both safely and easily. has been backed by some of the top names in Professional Poker including Dave Colclough and Paul Jackson.

Their poker money service is live 24 hours and once an account is created members can track their transfers via the online account giving transaction updates on each request submitted.

The poker transfer service was created to stop fraudulent transfers that are happening all over the internet, with the online poker player in mind.


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