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PlayersOnly Poker Seeks to Expand Internationally

by Poker Team

By now it is no secret that for the American-based online poker player, getting money in and out of their favorite gaming site can at times be challenging, if not near impossible. This is the result of the doomsday like approaching of the deadline for the enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. In the midst of all this uncertainty, there is one online site in particular that is making an aggressive push to welcome players from all over the world. The site is a relatively small one in terms of membership, it’s name is PlayersOnly.

In the past, PlayersOnly had really only been an option for United States and Canada based players but recently, they have attempted to move into a greater global presence through an aggressive online marketing campaign. They are part of the well-known and steadily growing Cake Poker Network of sites and it seems they have become fully aware that my limiting itself to North American players, they are ignoring what could be a very lucrative international revenue stream. It is their belief that the global initiative could quickly move them up the ladder of traffic comprised of the online poker playing community.

It is a relatively new site which was founded in 2006, ironically around the same time that United States Congress passed the aforementioned UIGEA. It was no coincidence that it attempted to lure some of the players which had been shut out from other no longer US-compliant sites such as PartyPoker. As an added plus, they also were somehow able to accept US credit cards to fund accounts.

With the solid Cake Poker network, it is quite possible that players only is primed for a move to the forefront of the gaming community.

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