Players Seeking New US Friendly Online Poker Sites

by Omar on April 19, 2011

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Unless you awoke this morning from underneath a rock, you are already well aware of Friday’s major crackdown on the largest poker sites in the world.  PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and UB all had their domain names seized by the United States government and their top executives are now technically fugitives of the country.  Following what must have been years of investigation, the US actedly swiftly, charging the sites with setting up bogus company fronts to handle credit card transactions from their customers.  As a result, each of the sites barred United States customers from playing; in fact, US players can not even access the software.

Top 4 US Friendly Poker Sites

  1. Bodog
  2. Sportsbook Poker
  3. Carbon Poker
  4. Cake Poker

Not surprisingly, the biggest online tournaments on Sunday saw at least 25% less players than the same time last week.  In anticipation, the sites all managed to reduce the guaranteed cash prizes offered, some as much as 50%. At PokerStars, their Sunday Million drew 6,475 players competing for a guaranteed $1 million guaranteed prize pool, down from last week’s 8,000+ players and $1.5 million guarantee.  On Full Tilt Poker, the Sunday Brawl’s guarantee was chopped from half a million bucks to a quarter million while the Mulligan was cut from a $200K guarantee to $50K., meanwhile, knocked it’s $200K guarantee down to $75K.

Traffic on the affected sites was down across the board with Full Tilt Poker seemingly taking the largest blow as playing customers dropped by half while PokerStars lost 25% and lost 39%. All is not bleak for all US-facing online poker rooms however.  Over the weekend, US-friendly Bodog’s playing numbers grew by 26% week on week while Cake Poker ticked up by 10%.

As players scramble trying to figure out how to access their money and deposit into a different site, it is expected like Bodog, Cake Poker and Sportsbook Poker will continue to draw in players from the now shuttered sites.  The biggest thing to keep in mind that although the sites players make have been doing business with are not an option right now, there are still plenty of US poker sites ready, willing and able to take their action.

  • Xxxwsopxxx

    serves them cheating scandalous bastards well…….may they burn in #$@%^ !

  • Pokerknite

    give us back or poker site back.
    open fulltilt back up to usa players.
    dose the FBI and DOJ have anything better to besides
    walk all over the poker players who are NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG by playing poker in our liveing rooms. this is bullshit