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Players Feel Anger Towards Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA)

by Omar

Not so long ago, popular poker news outlets and forums were dominated by big online poker events.  Events like the World Championship of Online Poker, FTOPS series and Isildur1’s Superstar Showdown are the ones that quickly come to mind.  However, Black Friday has changed all of that.  Instead of talking about monster pots and poker greatness, topics have evolved more towards political implications of the online poker crackdown.

In fact, over on popular poker forum, a thread posted by someone named AllCakedUp, took the most visible organization that is supposed to be getting online poker legalized and regulated. The Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA), headed up by former Senator Alfonse D’Amato is coming under fire from all angles as many angry former players have expressed major anger for having their game taken away from the.  In just four days, the thread has ballooned to being over 24 pages long and players are positioning themselves on both sides of the argument,  For those disappointed in the PPA’s lack of results, players seem to be in agreement that the state of online poker is now worse than ever before.  The PPA has been in existence for approximately five years, since the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and its hard to disagree with the naysayer’s. After all, now players can no longer patronize the world’s largest online poker sites.

The original poster perhaps summed up the disappointment when he said,

“The PPA should be out there in the media screaming to the high heavens. Why havent they held a news conference?? Do you know how important that is?? Even the average american who enjoys playing poker recreationally with his family at home may not be aware of whats going on. We look like a bunch of unorganized hoodlums.”

One thing that seemed to be agreed on by the majority is that the PPA would have been able to do more to assist online poker before the crackdown of two weeks ago. Now that the Department of Justice is involved, the online poker fight has gotten a whole lot tougher.

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