PitBull Poker Shuts Down

by Poker Team

Widely regarded as the most questionable of the online poker sites, it has been confirmed that Pitbull Poker has shut down. After coming on the scene in late 2008, the site has been rocked by allegations of impropriety over the past several months. The site attracted players by offering new customers a no strings attached free $10 to try them out, but once there, players were met by a myriad of questionable business practices. At first, they seemed to be onto something as in its being Flash-based, no software download was required meaning players could play virtually anywhere they could obtain an internet connection, even in public terminals. It didn’t take long however, for players to sense that something just didn’t feel right.

For months, posters of various poker forums claimed that they suspected the site contained superuser accounts because of the strange way hands would be played by certain players and a clear lack of apathy by Pitbull customer service regarding these concerns. When rumors began to swirl this week that the owner of the site had been arrested amidst reports that corporate offices in Costa Rica were trying to hastily clear out, not many were surprised. However, lower level employees at Pitbull were caught off-guard and notified local authorities when they are suddenly asked to vacate the building become of necessary maintenance work to the offices. Shortly thereafter, the tables were no longer accessible to players who instead got a message on their internet browsers which said:

Application Error
An unexpected error has occurred! Our support team has been already informed. See details below.
Message: com.draagon.util.ResourceException: com.draagon.meta.MetaException: Unable to load objects of class [draagon::user::User]

The latest rumor is that the owner of the company, who is still not formally named, has been taken into custody by Costa Rican authorities. In addition, at press time, some former prop players on the site have confirmed the existence of at least 3 separate superuser accounts.

This story is far from over as more wrongdoing is expected to be made public in the coming weeks.