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Phil Laak About Halfway Through Poker Playing Marathon Record Attempt

by Poker Team

At 37 years old, poker pro Phil Laak (The Unabomber) is trying to write himself into the record books with his latest attempt to play the longest continuous round of poker. He is trying to reach the 80 hour mark which is just over 3 days of continuous poker playing. When asked why he wanted to break this record, Laak responded:

“Because I can, because it’s attainable. It would be cool to satisfy my childhood dream of having my name in the Guinness Book of World Records, even if it’s only for a year. It’s not like the guy who has the record for holding the most number of golf balls. That guy’s gonna hold it forever — I don’t know how he did it.”

As of press time for this article on Friday, June 4th, Laak had completed about half of the record breaking attempt. That’s 40 continuous hours of poker playing. If he is able to continue playing throughout the next few days, Phil should break the record sometime early Sunday on June 6th.

The current official record for continuous poker playing is 72 hours, 2 minutes, set by Larry Olmsted at Foxwood’s Casino in Connecticut. Some claim that the unofficial record was set by Paul Zimbler, with his 78-hour, 25-minute stint in September in London.

Phil seems to be fairing ok while he keeps fans updated on his Twitter account, yet some signs of fatigue are starting to show. Here are some samples:

- 7200 42 down! 38 left. Back slightly sore, starting to ‘feel it’, and young man young man has left the game. : (

- guys at the this tbl play fast, I luv this cuz I am stuck. However in my mind 4 hrs have passed, but clocks say only 1. Eyes..rgrrrrr

- Need my 3rd wind

- Ashton: Grinding w a short haircut, and a Tshirt. @BrokeLivingJRB at table w him. Pkr rm starting morning buzz. Good. Need ambient energy.

You can also check out Phil’s live action online through Ustream. Here is the link: Phil Laak Record Breaking Attempt Live Online

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