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Phil Ivey opens Poker Site

by Jeremy

Following in the same vein as other poker pros like Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak and Johnny Chan, Phil Ivey has opened a self-titled poker site. It’s called, IveyPoker and you can see the front page here.

However, there’s really not that much to see because the page is pretty bland. Furthermore, the poker site isn’t even running games yet and players are merely urged to create an account so they can earn “Free Bonus Points” for when the room does launch.

All in all, this seems like it’ll merely be another free poker site such as Zynga and not worth the time of real money players. But the Phil Ivey endorsement is likely to get the site plenty of traffic since he’s arguably the world’s best poker player.

In regard to how much Ivey is getting paid for his endorsement, we can only assume that it’s much less than the monthly $920k check he received from Full Tilt Poker. This detail was revealed in the messy divorce drama that Ivey’s been going through over the past couple of years.

As if losing his $11 million-a-year Full Tilt endorsement deal and going through a big divorce wasn’t enough, Ivey has also been battling Crockfords casino for £7.3 million in punto banco winnings. According to Crockfords, there may have been foul play involved - though they’ve yet to find anything after investigating the matter for over two months.

Seeing as how he’s waiting on a lot of money from Crockfords and doesn’t get paid by Full Tilt any longer, it only seems logical that Ivey would opt for other deals such as the recent IveyPoker site.

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