Phil Ivey Loses World’s Largest Coin Flip

by Poker Team on January 21, 2009

Everyone knows Phil Ivey is one of, if not, the best poker player in the world.  However, something he did yesterday with fellow high stakes online poker player Ziigmund truly baffles the mind.  The two players agreed to blindly go all in on a hand.  They weren’t exactly playing small stakes either.  They were playing their usual $500-$1000 Pot Limit Omaha game on Full Tilt Poker and the virtual coin flip was worth $383,993.

Here is the chat that took place prior to the hand being dealt.

Ziigmund: lets take 1 flip
Ziigmund: phil
Ziigmund: hey
Ziigmund: lets take 1 flip
Phil Ivey: how much?
Ziigmund: what do u thin+k
Ziigmund: ????
Phil Ivey: what u have in front of u?
Ziigmund: when i flip i really flip
Phil Ivey: hahaha
Ziigmund: ok all in
Phil Ivey: k this hand for what u have in front of u
Ziigmund: ok gl m8
Phil Ivey: thx u2
Ziigmund: 2c-4d-7d-Qh
Phil Ivey: jh-10s-6c-4h

Though Ziigmund was technically ahead with his Queen high, the rest of his cards were pretty junky as Ivey had 2 sets of connectors.  The flop was Qc-7h-Ah.  Ivey had a flush draw to go along with a gut shot to broadway but Ziigmund was in the lead with bottom two pair.

Unfortunately, the drama of this hand was squashed on the turn as Ziigmund hit the Queen of spades for a full house.  The 3 of clubs on the river was irrelevant and Ziigmund took it down.

Ivey was a good sport about the mammoth loss as they briefly continued their chat.

Phil Ivey: nice
Phil Ivey: u pay for drinks nex time lol
Ziigmund: i will
Ziigmund: gg sleep
Ziigmund: later

The coin flip ended up helping Ziigmund as he finished down just $18,000 for the session.

Both players play online poker at Full Tilt Poker. Download Full Tilt and play with them.