Phil Ivey accused of cheating at Full Tilt Poker

by Jeremy Olson on December 25, 2012

There’s no denying that Phil Ivey is one of the greatest online poker players of all-time. He’s earned eight WSOP gold bracelets, made millions in live cash games, and has collected $19,242,743 in online poker cash games. However, some people question whether he earned the $19.24 million legitimately…or if he had some artificial help. Reasons for speculation on Phil Ivey cheating are as follows:

1) His millions in winnings all came at Full Tilt.
2) He was one of FTP’s founders and helped out with designing the software.

Now obviously it’s hard to accuse Phil of cheating when there’s no proof. Furthermore, he has to be considered innocent until proven guilty. However, some of the users at TwoPlusTwo raise some interesting theories on the matter. Here’s a look at some comments made in the thread:

- knowing what we now about FTP, and Ivey’s degeneracy, coupled with his astronomical winrate, what does NVG think the odds were that Ivey had some unethical advantage?

- Personally, I don’t think he had some “unethical advantage”, although one would have to be totally naive to completely rule it out. He’s a great player who doesn’t have an online degen streak that plagues some of the other (online) HS regs. He always seems to stop on time when losing and make the most of it when playing/running well.

- I remember I Hate Juice implying that he thought Ivey was cheating somehow…
Would be interesting to hear some nosebleed players opinion..

Based on everything that Ivey has done in other realms of poker, it’s not impossible to believe that he’d also dominate online poker too. However, some people think that Ivey’s stats are almost inhuman - even for him. Plus the fact that he had a major stake in Full Tilt Poker adds extra suspicion to this subject.

Once again though, nothing has ever been proven in regard to Phil cheating, so it’s a little easier to lean towards his profits being legitimate.

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    Speculation is not proof. There doesn’t seem to be even a hint of proof that he cheated, absolutely no reason to believe he did, but people still manage to make an issue of it. Oh the shame of it.