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Phil Hellmuth, Tatjana Pasalic talk US Poker Legalization

by Jeremy

Like many prominent figures in the poker community, Phil Hellmuth is salivating over the prospect of US poker legalization. And he recently sat down with Tatjana Pasalic to discuss his thoughts on the matter.

The first thing that the pair discussed was how Hellmuth originally predicated that online poker would be legalized and regulated within the US before Christmas of 2011. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and the Poker Brat said that poker needs to be regulated before the end of April, or it probably won’t happen in 2012 either. The reason why is because most politicians will be focusing on elections following April.

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Assuming online poker does become legalized and regulated in the United States, Hellmuth thinks that America could experience a huge surge in players just like Italy and France. He mentioned that these two countries saw “10 times” the amount of players begin playing poker that they originally expected. Taking this into account, it’s not surprising that Hellmuth said he’s interested in “starting a poker site” if the US government does choose to regulate the industry.

One subject that the 11-time WSOP bracelet winner dodged was the Full Tilt Poker matter. While he did say that Full Tilt’s demise made it harder for Americans to trust online poker sites, he also added that he’ll let Daniel Negreanu and others handle talking about this subject.

As for restoring the trust that FTP took away from the poker world, Hellmuth thinks that this can be done with legalization because players will be dealing with legitimate payment processors. If you’re interested in seeing what all else the Poker Brat had to say, you can check out the interview here.

  • Rubywalling

    Phil Helmuth can you tell us how you feel about the impersonator commenting in the GRRinders article  under your name ? Thank you  Ruby K. Walling 

  • Bullslick

    Phil, I am concerned that your name is being used to try and slander someone in another article that is featuring the Grrrinders  Poker Site. I am new to Grrrinders and I am enjoying my play here. Phil I really hope that you can take the time to seek out the information you need to stop this impersonator, or maybe the Real Phil Helmuth could come and post a comment so the poker world knows this slander is not really from you. I also would like to ask the blog creators why would they allow someone to use another person”s name? Most sites ask for verification, if you now know this not to be who they say they are then why not DELETE the comment??

  • Rubywalling

    I am in total agreement I have never ever been able to post in any other site w/out complete verification this person has impersonated over 25 + counting & not just GRRRINDERS He is Impersonating any one he darn well feels like I simple insanity I would truly respect Mr Phil Helmuth  (aka) The poker brat, to Please stand up to this gross injustment of the law! Thank you in Advance Phil.  Maybe then we can get back to the felts and actually reading true bloggers of good intent & intel. 

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