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Phil Galfond’s BlueFire Lawsuit provides Juicy Details

by Jeremy

Towards the end of last year, Phil Galfond surprised the poker world when he left BlueFirePoker. The PLO expert had become so well known as a trainer at BlueFire that many people thought he owned the poker training site outright. However, we never really got any real details on the matter, and the reasons for Galfond leaving were murky at best.

But now some information has finally surfaced on the subject following a lawsuit that Galfond has leveled against former business partner and current BlueFire owner, William F. Murphy. Galfond is suing the Texas native because he doesn’t believe that Murphy honored their agreement; under their contract, Galfond owned 38.33% of the site and was to receive one-third of profits.

A legal statement from the high stakes grinder read, “BlueFire has been immensely successful, having thousands of members who pay an initial enrollment fee of $100 in addition to a subscription fee of $30 per month.” It continued by stating, “Upon information and belief, the defendant Murphy has misappropriated and converted to his own use and possession the assets of MGH.”

Phil Galfond has received a decent sum of money for his training videos and promotion of BlueFire; he got $178k in 2009 and $239k for 2010. However, the poker pro says he didn’t get paid anything for 2011 yet, despite working with the site for most of the year.

You can’t blame Galfond for taking this matter to court because he was unlikely to get paid by Murphy based on BlueFirePoker’s declining profits. After all, when Phil left, many people started complaining about how they only reason they joined this site was to watch Galfond’s training videos.

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