Phil Galfond covers Viktor Blom in Latest Blog

by Jeremy Olson on August 26, 2012

Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom is no doubt one of the most popular figures in online poker. As is well documented, he burst onto the scene in 2009 while playing some of the world’s top players. Since that time, his bankroll has taken some ups and downs, but he still remains a force in the high stakes poker world.

Beyond the general facts that we just discussed, few people outside the high stakes world really know much about Blom. However, PLO expert Phil Galfond is a much different story since he’s not only played Isildur1, but also has hung out with him too. Galfond recently blogged about his experiences with Blom from both a playing and personal perspective. Early on in the post, he wrote:

When I first played PLO against Viktor back on FTP, he was bad. Now, he wasn’t a bad poker player. He was already world class at NLHE, but he had just started playing a game that was completely different, and had jumped in to the highest stakes possible. He overvalued weak pair+draw type hands, weak two pair, and all the other hands the typical NL convert misplays. I was able to play a relatively tight style, and get a lot of money in with my dominating hands and draws.

Galfond would go on to say that Isildur1 eventually improved his PLO game so much that he’s now one of the best in the business. As for the personal side of this post, Galfond wrote another interesting excerpt that read:

The first thing that stood out to me was how tall he was. The second was the image in my head of Isildur1 (the intimidating, aggressive, scary dude) being shattered to pieces. Viktor emanates happiness and kindness from the moment you meet him. He’s one of those guys that you can instantly tell is a truly nice and genuine good person. His happy-go-lucky demeanor makes it very hard not to smile, and it seems like he goes through life just having fun.

If you’d like to read the entire post - which we highly recommend - you can check it out here.