Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao to hold $1m Challenge

by Jeremy Olson on January 31, 2013

High stakes poker standouts Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao have never exactly been friends. Their feud goes back to 2011, when Antonius won $800k off Cao, prompting the latter to say that Antonius had been banned from Macau games for being too tight. The Finn countered by saying, “That guy is crazy. He was just upset because I had taken a lot (of his money). He can say what he wants – I’m not going to start arguing with him”

Now the rivals are going to settle their differences on the cyber felt in a $1 million challenge. The two engaged in a conversation after one of their PLO sessions and set up the challenge. The match is going to take place across three different games in PLO, NL Hold’em and 2-7 Triple Draw. The grinders will each put up $350,000 for both the PLO and NL Hold’em games, while $300k will be at stake in the 2-7 TD match.

This is certainly going to be a good challenge because both Antonius and Cao are excellent grinders. However, Antonius has a distinct advantage in terms of profits since he’s earned almost $11.6 million in his online poker career, while Cao has collected just over $1 million at Full Tilt.

Whomever the winner may be, poker fans will likely just be hoping that the challenge actually comes to an end. Tom Dwan initially drew attention with a couple of challenges that he ran with Antonius and Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates. However, neither match ever finished and so the poker community quickly lost interest in these types of events. Perhaps Antonius and Cao could restore interest if they finish the entire $1 million challenge.