Patrik Antonius Mounts a Poker Comeback

by Poker Team

Everyone who follows the high stakes cash games at Full Tilt Poker knows all about the 2010 woes for pros Brian Townsend and Patrik Antonius. While feelings about Townsend’s current struggles are mixed at best, most observers find little joy in Patrik Antonius sluggish start to the year. Seemingly, from the moment the clock ticked down on last year, Antonius has scuffled, remaining in the red for more than a full month already. On Super Bowl Sunday however, Antonius began making the ascent towards profitability in a major way, on a night in which all of the heavy hitters sit down ready to mix it up on the virtual felt. Mind you, he is not out of the woods yet as he began the day close to $2 million in the red.

When all was said and done, Antonius was Sunday’s big winner as he took down $577K in winnings against the best of the best. Perhaps even more impressive than the final sum was the fact that Antonius did so playing a wide variety of poker variations.

When the day began, Antonius got off the a flying start by taking over $200,000 from a player named world1969 in a mere 16 hands of $500-$1000 Pot Limit Omaha. His opponent quit shortly after losing a massive $212,000 pot, not to be seen for the rest of the day.

Following his great beginning, Antonius sat down in the rising in popularity 7-game nosebleed game. Here is where Antonius sparkled, raking in just under $400K throughout the rest of the big game day. He now sits at $1.4 million down, nothing to be proud of, but 25% better than where he was just 24 hours earlier and no longer holding the dubious distinction of being the biggest loser of 2010. To the delight of many observers, that distinction now belongs to the aforementioned Townsend who booked another six-figure loss at the same time of Antonius’ run.

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