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Patrik Antonius Up over $4 Million in 2009

by Poker Team

Currently the first player to take on Durrrr in the million dollar challenge, Patrik Antonius has shown his willingness to gamble it up in the highest stakes poker games anywhere.  However, he is sometimes overshadowed by some of his contemporaries when the topic approaches the best players in poker.  If his results do most of the talking, most would have to include him on this short list of players as through the first quarter of 2009, Antonius is already up $4 million on the year, putting him on pace for an astounding $16 million from playing online at Full Tilt Poker.

On an almost daily basis, Antonius takes to the virtual felt against heavy hitters such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and the aforementioned Durrrr.  He is fearless and does not simply wait for random fish to come along, he takes on the best and so far this year, has beaten them all.

Antonius’ prowess was on full display during a particularly profitable $500/$1000 Mixed HA game during which he clobbered the competition to the tune of a $687,000 profit on the day.  The equivalent many average households make in a decade, he won in just over 6 hours.  This is the stuff dreams and legend are made of.

Antonius vs. Ziigmund

In one particularly profitable hand, Antonius was matched up heads up against Ziigmund.  Sitting in the Big Blind, Antonius held Jc-Qh-Qd-9d.  Ziigmund raised to $3,000 and Antonius, not one to shy away with such a strong hand, re-raised to $9,000.  Ziigmund then showed much strength by coming back with a raise to $27,000 to go.  Antonius decided to just call and see the flop.  The flop was Kc-6s-Qs and Antonius had flopped middle set in addition to a gutshot straight draw.

Interestingly, both players decided to check the flop.  The turn card was the 3 of clubs and Antonius led out for $50,000 and Ziigmund insta-shoved his remaining $94,000 into the pot which Antonius quickly called.  Ziigmund’s cards were revealed and he held As-Ad-4d-2d giving him an overpair and a gutshot straight draw.  He basically needed an Ace or a 5 to win the hand.  It was not meant to be as the river 6 of hearts filled Antonius’ hand up as well as his bankroll with the pot worth $238,996.

For Antonius, for another day at least, it was good to be him.

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