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Alexander Jung wins Party Poker Million VI

by Poker Team

Alexander Jung, a 25 year old university math student from Berlin, won the Party Poker Million VI tournament late last week. Alexander used his analytic math skills (and bluffing abilities) to take home a nice $358,280 in tournament winnings.

Jung beat a filed of 171 participants in the $8,000 no limit Texas Hold’em event. At the final table, Jung went heads up with fellow German, Dominik Stopka. It’s no surprise that a German player won the event given that about 20% of the participants were from Germany.

Alexander Jung’s winning hand

How did Jung do it? According to the Party Poker Blog, Jung beat Stopka shortly after they met for the heads up battle. On the final hand, Jung had a J-7 against Stpoka’s A-9. The board came 3-Q-7-5-6, as the 7 was enough for Jung to take it. Jung plans to invest a portion of his winning to a seat at the 2008 World Series of Poker to hopefully win more money.

Party Poker Million VI Final Table Payouts

Final Table Results and Payouts:

1 Alexander Jung, Germany, $358, 280

2 Dominik Stopka, Germany, $285,583

3 Cory Albertson, USA, $159,235

4 Mika Paasonen, Finland, $119,425

5 Raymond Estall, UK, $92,883

6 Andreas Jorbeck, Sweden, $67,675

7 Johannes Strassman, Germany, $47,770

8 Peter Steinlesberger, Austria, $31,845

9 Kenneth Gregersen, Denmark, $21,230

About the Party Poker Million VI

The Party Poker Million is a week long poker cruise that made its way from Venice, Italy to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and back to Venice. Players can buy-in directly or qualify online at Party Poker. Most of the 171 participants qualified for this cruise by playing poker online at Party Poker. If you do not have an account yet at Party Poker, we have an excellent Party Poker Bonus Code for you to use when you download an account. Perhaps we’ll see you at the next Party Poker Million.

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