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Party Poker Kicks Off Million Dollar Hand Promotion

by Poker Team

The days, it truly pays off to be an online poker player. Full Tilt Poker is in the midst of wrapping up it’s latest FTOPS tournament series and PokerStars is set to kick off it’s Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Meanwhile, all of the major and minor online poker sites are currently running tournaments to qualify as many of their players as possible to this year’s World Series of Poker. Not to be outdone, PartyPoker, one of the longest running online poker sites is running an exciting promotion as well. Beginning tomorrow, May 4th, PartyPoker will be kicking off its Million Dollar Hand promotion. At stake is a cool million bucks and the promo will conclude on May 23rd.

Million Dollar Hand Points

Anyone playing at PartyPoker’s tables is already participating in the promotion. For every 15 points a player accrues, you receive a playing card selected at random. Once a player has collected 5 playing cards, they have built a poker hand and automatically receives a cash prize, the value of which depends entirely on the hand they have built. The amounts are as follows:

1 pair = $3
2 pair = $10
3 of a kind = $20
Straight = $50
Flush = $100
Full House = $150

These are all fairly standard hands to make. Making bigger and better hands entitles one to some really significant prize money. Those lucky enough to have 4 of a kind win a sweet $1,000 while a straight flush is good for $10,000. Then comes the granddaddy of them all; a made royal flush wins the grand prize of $1 million!

As with any promotion, there are however, some restrictions. Although PartyPoker will not be placing a cap on the number of royal flushes that can be won as part of the promotion, players are only entitled to earn 2 hands, or ten cards per day during the promo period.

In a statement made to kick things off, spokesperson Mike Sexton said in a press release,

“May all your cards be live and your pots be monsters!’ Thousands of cards will be revealed [starting] Tuesday, May 4th. The question remains – will the big one hit this time around? We’ve seen straight flushes and scared the insurers, but nobody has hit the royal…yet!”

This is not the first incarnation of the Million Dollar Hand on PartyPoker as they also ran this promotion back in October 2009. Just like last time, in addition to the cash value hands, they will also be featuring a VIP leaderboard as part of the festivities.

VIP players will also be awarded with points that will count towards this race and the points are capped at 300 per day. At the promo’s conclusion, the top 200 finishers will win more free money with the top two winners each earning a 2010 WSOP Main Event prize package.

If that’s not all, the top 600 finishers also get to take part in a special freeroll tournament which will give away 2 more Main Event prize packages while the top 30 finishers in the tournament will each take home over $1000 apiece.

The time has never been better to get in on the action at PartyPoker. Download PartyPoker

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