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Party Poker Facebook Freeroll Tournament

by Poker Team

Have you ever heard of a freeroll tournament whose prize pool actually grows with the addition of more and more players. Probably not, until now. PartyPoker has announced a new $500 password protected freeroll tournament. Sure, virtually every online poker site offers freeroll tournaments to their customers, but never before has the operator offered to keep upping the ante for it’s customers to bring in more players.

Signing up and obtaining the password is easy, given you are one of the millions of Facebook users. All you have to do, is log into your Facebook page, search for the PartyPoker page, and click “like”. In turn, PartyPoker is notified of your action and a few hours before the first cards are dealt, PartyPoker will send out the freeroll password through a Facebook message.

Players are encouraged to tell everyone they have in their network about the event. For every 1000 new users who sign up on PartyPoker’s Facebook page, an additional $100 will be added to the prizepool. So, if just 10,000 people sign up, the freeroll will give away $1,500 in total. What’s even better is that not everyone who clicks “like” even has to register in the tournament. The prize pool is based on hits, not the number of entrants.

The tournament will be held on Monday, May 18th at 8PM ET so there is just a week to go to tell as many people as you know.

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