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Party Poker allegedly segregating Players by Win Rate

by Jeremy

Lately, we’ve seen a lot more online poker rooms enact measures to protect recreational players. The reason why is because they want to ensure a “healthy poker room ecology” where recreational players can come into the game without being targeted by skilled grinders. So these poker sites try to separate amateur players from pros the best that they can.

It appears as if Party Poker has joined the ranks of rooms that are trying to separate recreational players from the sharks. Party members became suspicious of this move after noticing less traffic - most notably in the area of rec players. They then deliberated and came up with the conclusion that Party is separating players based on their win rate. After numerous members began inquiring about the matter, Party responded by writing:

We are continually looking for ways to balance our poker room ecology. As we have said before, we are testing various features to make poker a more fun and entertaining game for both new and inexperienced players. Our extensive research shows that new and inexperienced players enjoy the game more and continue playing for longer if in the early stages they play with players of a similar ability, this includes, but is not limited to our welcome lounges. These players are free to play on any table they chose.

As you can see in this TwoPlusTwo thread, some players aren’t exactly happy about how Party Poker didn’t inform members about testing recreational models.

It’s not easy to see why they wouldn’t been mad either since having to play against lots of skilled players makes it much harder to win. On the other hand, online poker rooms are trying to do anything they can to prevent bum-hunting and encourage more players to stick with the game.

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