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Scott Palmer Goes the Distance With Isildur1

by Omar

It looks as though the SuperStar Showdown over at PokerStars are beginning to become weekly events.  In the past two weeks, the main attraction, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, locked up with PokerStars leading pitchman, Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu.  After forcing Negreanu to go bust in the first contest in just over 4 hours, Blom dropped the 2nd matchup by $26K, breaking a streak of 5 consecutive Showdown wins for the dynamic Swede.

This past weekend, a new player stepped up to the plate to take their shot at Blom. This time it was fellow youngster, 20-year old Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer. If this contest was a preview of what the future has in store for the online poker world, then we will all be in for a treat over the next few years, assuming neither player goes the retirement route, a la Peter Eastgate.

This weeks showdown managed to go the distance as last week’s did with Negreanu, though the result was even closer.  The duo played four tables of $50/$100 No Limit Hold em and when the 2,500th hand was completed, Palmer was up by $5,425, securing the victory by the narrowest of margins.  In fact, the lead was essentially a single medium-sized pot  between the two.

From the get go, it appeared as though both players were well-prepared and on top of their games. Over the past two years, Blom and Palmer had played almost 80,000 hands together so they were very familiar with each other’s playing styles. While Blom has had a nice run since signing with PokerStars, Palmer is down $1.5million so far in 2011.  This didn’t deter him from stepping up to the plate in this challenge.

The two exchanged lead changes throughout the match. After 200 hands, Palmer was up by about $50,000, powered in part by a $20K pot he won when his pocket 8’s sucked out on Blom’s pocket Queens. Blom would not be denied however as he made a furious comeback. Again holding pocket Queens, Blom got back into the match by turning a set to beat Palmer’s flopped two pair for a $32K pot.  Eventually, at the midway point, Blom had managed to go up by $50,000 and seemed to have everything under control. However, Palmer was able to pick up the largest pot of the Showdown late when he made Blom bluff off his entire stack as he held a flopped full house.

After a few more small lead changes, the match was over and Palmer was declared the winner by the $5,000. The pair is set to square of again next Sunday, April 10th and with any luck, they will provide the poker world with the same entertainment value they just did.

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