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U of Florida Student Plays Online Poker - Tries to Stab Buddy

by Poker Team

A student at the University of Florida was arrested for pulling a knife on another student. Max Bornstein, 18 was booked and accused of aggravated assault and battery stemming from the incident.

online poker stabbingApparently another student named Gary Canton went to Bornsteins room to ask him to keep the noise level down. The two then got into an argument and after using his shoulder to shove Bornstein was threatened with the knife.

According to The Gainesville Times:

“Canton said he went back to his room. While waiting for police to respond, Canton reportedly received a message on his Facebook page from Stafman, who appeared to be apologizing for Bornstein’s behavior and stated he was unaware Bornstein had a knife in their shared dorm room.

Police said Bornstein acknowledged shoving Canton with his shoulder but stopped answering questions when police asked about the knife. Holcomb said Stafman initially denied seeing the incident, claiming he had been playing online poker at the time. After being confronted with the Facebook message, Holcomb said Stafman was able to provide some information.

Once the Facebook message surfaced, Bornstein reportedly told police they could find a knife inside a blue backpack in his closet, which is where the knife was located, Holcomb said.”

No word yet on just how bad the online bad beat was that pushed Bornstein over the edge. Maybe he should have used our Full Tilt Bonus Code to get the maximum bonus at Full tilt, and not worried about Canton.

Source: Gainsville Times

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